I inspire womxn to discover their deepest truths and cultivate




I’m thankful that you’re here. What brings my soul joy is helping women actualize their greatest selves. I’ve spent the last 15 years journeying with people through every stage of life, from birth to death. My work has shown me that people often know what they want, but they do not know how to live the lives that they yearn for. The truth is that it’s already in you; you just need someone to join you on the journey. I want to journey with you.

Living a life that brings your soul joy is indeed possible. Whether it’s creating holistic habits, navigating a significant personal and/or professional transition, or developing the skills necessary to confidently show up to the world, I am here for you.

Let your soul lavish in joy,



Are you ready to connect your soul’s deepest desire and cultivate a life of joy? Soul Joy Coaching is one-on-one coaching for those ready to commit to a journey of personal discovery, transformation, and joy. Since there is no cookie-cutter way to traverse life, each program is customized for the client and their individualized goals.


Never Alone:

Accountability Coaching

3 Weeks

It takes 21 days to form a habit. What habit are you trying to start or stop? This three-week program will help you identify your triggers and how to overcome them as you create holistic habits that will sustain you for life.


Take the Next Faithful Step:

Transition Coaching

5 Weeks

Transitions are difficult. Whether you’re navigating a move, a new job, a change in relationship status, or any other significant life event, it is always helpful to navigate transitions with someone else. This five week program will help you take the next faithful step in your life.


(Joy) Training:

Personal & Professional Development Coaching

12 Weeks

Resistance (Joy) Training equips you with the skills and tools necessary to thrive in every area of life. This three-month program is for those who are ready to commit to their overall personal growth and professional development. R(J)T utilizes personal inventories, weekly check-ins, and customized tools to guarantee results. If you’re ready for a life that integrates your soul’s desires with joy, this is the program for you.




I am a professional storyteller. Growing up, I spent my days sitting on the front porch listening to the elders tell stories. There is nothing more powerful than a good story. As a public speaker, I use storytelling to transcend the moment. I travel the world engaging in the art of storytelling, including being the opening storyteller for The Moth mainstage and for their virtual mainstage event, which was live-streamed into over 30,000 households in over eight countries. From Sunday sermons and academic presentations to personal and professional development, I am a storyteller.


Potential speaking
topics include:

  • Community Building & Outreach
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Faith, Spirituality & Theology
  • Finding Mentors, Teachers, & Coaches
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Change
  • Personal Change & Wellness
  • Social Justice
  • “Community Not Consensus”: Religious pluralism
  • “Empowered to Thrive”: Making your organizational culture more inclusive, diverse, and welcoming for womxn and people of color
  • “Every Seat Matters”: Powerful public speaking and how to captivate any room
  • “Imago Dei”: Gender, Sexuality, and Faith Identity
  • “Invitation vs Welcome”: The Importance and Work of Hospitality
  • “Once Upon A Time…”: Community Transformation through storytelling


Soul Joy Yoga is an in-person and online gathering that centers womxn and folx of color, inviting them to bring their full divine selves to the mat and tap into radical joy. Soul Joy Yoga is a space for community, encouragement, and support.


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